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Family Dental Care in Bonnie Doon & Edmonton

At Wittmeier Dental, your oral health is in the hands of some of Edmonton’s most experienced dental practitioners. Since 1982, we’ve given patients of all ages in the Bonnie Doon area complete dental care and cosmetic dentistry services.


Our staff is always personable, professional, and completely devoted to your comfort.


General Dentistry

We are committed to providing complete dental hygiene, including regular teeth cleaning, examinations and preventive care. From routine visits to the treatment of toothaches resulting from damage or infection to cavity cleaning and fillings, our dentists offer tender care in a relaxed atmosphere.



Our office uses the latest advances in digital X-ray technology to examine your teeth and determine any existing or potential hazards. We always take the greatest precautions to ensure your safety.


Root Canal

The sensitive nerves and veins in the center of your tooth can become damaged; this can result from a wide variety of causes, including a deep cavity or even a bump to the mouth 10 years ago that you don’t remember. Over time this bundle of soft tissue – called pulp – can die. If caught early and treated, though, your tooth can be saved.


A root canal involved creating a small hole in your tooth so we can gain access to the core and clear out infected or dead pulp. If your tooth has become discoloured by the dead tissue, we can use a whitener to restore it to its original colour before sealing the hole.


Other Services

Our dentists provide a variety of other dental services:


Our clinic does not offer orthodontics (traditional braces and retainers).



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