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Protect Your Teeth with Night Guards & Mouth Guards

Night Guards

Bruxism – grinding of the teeth – is a common problem, though many people might not even know they do it because it can often occur during sleep. Symptoms include aching jaws, headaches and hypersensitive teeth.

Our dental clinic has helped many patients with the challenges of bruxism through customized night mouth guards made specifically for your teeth. When worn, these guards soften the impact between your teeth, thus reducing or eliminating the painful after effects.

Sports Guards

For our patients who engage in activities that can involve physical contact, we offer custom-fitted sports guards. Whether you’re an avid hockey player or work in an environment where it is possible – even if unlikely – that you can get hit in the mouth, these guards are insurance against potential discomfort and costly teeth damage.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment for your night and sports guard fitting.

Night guards
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